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Air Conditioner Condensate Traps
Air Conditioner Condensate Traps – 2
Aluminum Wiring Repair
Aluminum – The Other Conductor
Aluminum-Wired Homes, Reducing the Risks
The Ant Institute
Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters – Hansen
Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters – Eaton
Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters – Square D
AFCI Required Locations
Asbestos Safety and Mesothelioma
Attic Access Insulation
Attic Stair Fire Rating Opinion from ICC
Attic Stair Installation Instructions
Black Mold
Brick Veneer Tolerances – ACI
Builders First Source Window Installation Instructions
Building Plans Required On Site
Carbon Monoxide
Carpenter Ants
Crawl Space Information
Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls
Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing Installation Instructions (CSST Gas Lines)
CSST – Defective Product Ruling
CSST – Always Bond Article
CSST Dangers
CSST – Fire Protection Research Foundation
Crawl Space Conditioning
Damage to Foundations from Expansive Soils
Deck Design Details
Deck Finishes
Dishwashers Explode
Drainage Improvement
Drip Edge Installation Video
Duct Installation
Duct Sealing
Eaton Retrofit Panels
EIFS Sealants
Exhaust Fan Installation Instructions
Federal Pacific Electric Panel Information
Federal Pacific Panel Update
Federal Pacific Breakers
Flexible Gas Appliance Connectors
Floguard Gold Installation Manual
Floor Squeaks – APA
Floor Squeak Prevention and Repair
Foundation Book for Homebuyers
Foundation Design Options
Foundation Distress Phenomena
Foundation Elevation Measurements
Foundation Maintenance and Inspection Guide
Foundation Design Guidelines TXASCE
Foundation Repair Guidelines TXASCE
Foundations in Expansive Clay Soils
Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter Required Locations
Gypsum Board Water Damage
Handling Water …Mold Claims
Hardi Plank Siding Installation Instructions
Home Maintenance Guide
HUD Site Grading and Drainage Guidelines
HVAC Sizing Guide
Hydro-Massage Tub Bonding
I-Joist Installation Guide

Kickout Flashing_ Required by Code, Yet Often Overlooked _ JLC Online
Ledger Attachment
Living With Expansive Soils
LP SmartSide Installation Instructions
Metroplex Home Sales Report – TAMU
Mold and Home Inspectors
Monster Attics
National Association of Home Builders EIFS Statement
National Association of Home Builders Research Council Article on Quality in Home Building

NAHB Life Expectancy of Home Components
NCTCOG 2005 Amendments

ONCOR Electric Service Guidelines 2021
OSB Panels
Painting Brick Veneer
Panel Retrofit Guide
Panel Surge Protector
PEX Cross-Linked Polyethylene Tubing
PEX Design Guide
PEX Letter
Roof Uplift Connectors
Shingle Application Instructions
Safety Glass
Safety Glazing
Shingle Underlayment – ARMA
Shingle Underlayment – NRCA
Slab Crack Repair – ACI
Soil Issues
Standard Practice for Window Installation
Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components
Starter Row Installation Video
Steel Door Installation
Styrofoam® Sheathing Installation Instructions
Tankless Water Heaters
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves
TPR Valve Installation Instructions
TPR Valve Installation Instructions Cash Acme
Tendon End Repair
Termite Pretreatment Guidelines
Termite Pretreatment Disclosure Form
The Termite Institute
Thermo-Ply Sheathing Installation Instructions

TML Letter on Codes

ICC TBR Opinion
TRCC Performance Standards Manual
Type B Vent Installation – Amerivent
Type B Vent Installation – Duravent
TYVEK® House Wrap Installation Instructions
TYVEK® Flashing Installation Instructions
TYVEK® Window Flashing Instructions
UFER Grounds and Vapor Barriers
Upgrades: Luxury vs. Safety
Using Slab-on-Ground Elevation Measurements in Residential Foundation
Engineering Performance Evaluations

Water Heater Pan Requirement in Garages
Water Heater Plumbing
Water Heater Flue Pipe Connections – Amerivent
Water Heater Flue Pipe Connections – Duravent
Water Heater Installation, Tankless
Water Managed Walls
Water Pressure Improvement
Watts TPR Label and Letter
Weep Holes in Brick Veneer Walls
Window Flashing Tape

Water Heater Sizing – Rheem
Window Installation Atrium
Window Installation – Builders First Source
Window Installation – Champion
Window Installation – General Aluminum
Window Installation – General Aluminum (Vinyl)
Window Installation – Jeld Wen
Window Installation – Krestmark
Woodsmoke: A Review