Local Developer, HOA and City Officials Screw Homeowner

Jan 22, 16 • News

Homeowner’s Lot Slides Away

Consumer Information is King

Jan 12, 16 • News

A very good article from Sam Rashkin regarding home buyers finally waking up to the need to demand quality homes.

Consumer Information is King

Spider Bites

Dec 9, 15 • News


Spider Bites

Mike Holmes: Make sure the home inspector you hire has the knowledge needed to do the job right

Nov 24, 15 • News

Mike Holmes holds forth on home inspectors, and for a change, we agree.


A Peek Behind the Builder Marketing Curtain

Nov 19, 15 • News

Sam Rashkin holds forth on home builder marketing.

Kitchen Fires

Nov 15, 15 • News


Kitchen Fires

The number one cause of home fires and injuries is kitchen fires. Improper use of cooking equipment and a lack of adherence to safe cooking rules are to blame. All of these fires and injuries are easily preventable. Educate yourself. Do not become a statistic.


Some possibly helpful technology, since most of the state’s governors seem to have attended former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s prayer meeting where it was decided on high that Texans do not need fire suppression sprinkler systems in their homes.







Nov 14, 15 • News



Code or no code, cost or no cost, fire safety is an issue builders and manufacturers can’t afford not to get right—now

Piping for New Construction – Plastic vs. Copper

Nov 11, 15 • News

Piping for New Construction: Plastic vs. Copper

What Do We Know – What Should We Do?

Newer, Better Windows on the Horizon

Nov 11, 15 • News

Hopefully, this newer type of windows will supplant the current leader – vinyl windows, which are replete with problems.

A New Material World Will Pultruded Fiberglass Melt Vinyl’s Market Share?

Exodus of Construction Workers

Nov 8, 15 • News

Where Did All of the Construction Workers Go?