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Texas Home Inspectors Cannot Perform Sewer Camera Tests

Aug 8, 18 • News


It should go without saying that home inspectors are not plumbers. That’s not enough for the greedy inspectors who foist these inspections on unsuspecting clients for hefty fees. Even if the camera inspections are free they are ILLEGAL unless the inspector is also a licensed plumber. If you doubt this read the ruling issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

UPDATE 10/8/20 – It seems that our illustrious near-felon Attorney General Ken Paxton has rendered another of his bloated, nebulous opinions on this matter. See if you can decipher his bullshit:

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Dodging the Square Foot Question

Aug 7, 18 • News


This article will give you some insight into how your home builder (or real estate agent) will answer any possible question you may ask – with bullshit.

The Square Foot Question