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Lucky or Not, the Economy Does Better Under . . .

Oct 31, 15 • News

More unexpected truth from Builder Magazine.

Lucky or Not

The Facts About Wealth Inequality In America

Oct 31, 15 • News


Oct 30, 15 • News

Just in time for Halloween, a great article from PCT magazine regarding spiders in your home.

An Open Letter From a Spider To All Humans Everywhere

New Home Inventory Faces Challenges

Oct 26, 15 • Texas Home Builders

New hurdles for home builders to jump.

Here’s Where all of the Construction Workers Went

Oct 20, 15 • News

Here’s Where all of the Construction Workers Went

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Oct 16, 15 • News

Before you sign your life’s savings away on your new home builder’s contract, read this article from NOLO.

What to Look for and Avoid When Signing a Home-Building Contract

Remote Municipal Inspections

Oct 13, 15 • News

This was bound to happen sooner or later. Now the city inspectors in Tuscon, AZ will be conducting their inspections remotely using Skype. WTF?

Just when we thought the “quality” of new houses could descend no further. Mark my words, this is coming to your city soon.

Inspected by Skype


Why the Big Lies Like Builder Warranties Work So Well

Oct 12, 15 • News, Texas Home Builders

This legal article explains why unscrupulous Texas builders can lie and lie and lie and still getĀ home buyers to buy their houses.

Repeating for Effect

Inspector Warns of Handrail Issues

Oct 3, 15 • News

In their usual fashion, the writers at The Onion wax poetic.

Inspector Warns of Handrail Issues