Chele R., McKinney, TX

We contacted Aaron after reading his Angie’s List reviews, his web site, and ASHI’s web site. Aaron promptly returned our call to let us know he was on vacation in New Mexico and when he would return, which was perfect timing for our home buying/inspection needs. As soon as we had a contract on a house we contacted Aaron to setup an appointment. He was already working away on the roof when we arrived a few minutes before our appointed time. He pulled us outside to show us the deck/balcony and explained that it was unsafe, why, and that it would have to be torn down. He completed his inspection and highlighted the “main” issues that required attention, answered our realtor’s questions (our realtor showed up towards the end of the inspection), answered our questions and said he would have a report to us and our realtor by the end of the day. He also stated that if we had any additional questions or questions regarding the report, he would be more than happy to schedule a time to talk with us. 

Aaron’s reports are not your typical report. They are long and detailed and filled with a lot of legal/CYA language and links and instructions on how to “make it right.” His reports are like maps directing you on how to make it safe/right: x should be like y and you should contact xxxx professional (e.g., Master electrician, plumber, etc.) to perform the necessary repairs/updates (if you have an older home expect a lot of code updates). He includes the codes, photos of what is wrong, diagrams and photos of how it should be, etc. His explanations, details, links, etc. are very helpful. 

That evening we had the report, all 99 pages of it. 40+ pages at the end were on how to care for and maintain your home. Again, informative and helpful.

We were able to use his report to negotiate a replacement deck/balcony with the sellers. Additionally, Aaron pointed out that the transferrable lifetime foundation warranty is void if not transferred into the new owner’s name within 30 days of closing. Through Aaron’s report the sellers discovered that the foundation warranty was now void since it was in the previous owner’s name (they thought it stayed with the house); thus, they hired the foundation company to come out and re-inspect and if the inspection passed then the foundation company was willing to transfer the warranty to us. That’s the difference between Aaron’s observations and home inspection reports and the home inspector they used when purchasing the property.

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to take the chance with someone else.