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No AI Employed by Texas Inspector

Jun 25, 23 • News


With the relatively recent advent of media bombardment regarding A.I. meddling in human affairs, I feel I should remind everyone that I do not employ artificial intelligence in writing my blog articles or inspection reports. There is simply no question as to who is more qualified; me with 48 years in construction defect identification or AI with literally no boots-on-the-ground experience.


As with most businesses, A.I. lovers are attempting to insinuate themselves into everything. Inspection report-writing software companies are hawking their wares with ludicrous statements like:


One of the key drivers for the adoption of AI-based home inspection software is the shortage of skilled labor in the industry. According to the National Association of Home Inspectors, the demand for home inspections is projected to grow by 10% over the next decade, while the supply of qualified inspectors is expected to decrease by 15%. This means that the industry will face a shortage of 25,000 inspectors by 2029.


AI-based home inspection software like XYZ is providing a solution to this problem by providing a consistent level of quality across all inspections, regardless of the inspector. This technology is capable of analyzing large amounts of data quickly and providing a detailed report and recommendations for repairs or upgrades in a fraction of the time it would take a human inspector.


A.I. lovers dream on.