More Builder Ripoff Tactics

May 31, 17 • News

Family having their new home inspected by an engineer

Some builders attempt to impress new home buyers with inspections performed by so-called independent third-party inspection firms. This is patently absurd. The builder’s subcontractor simply cannot, by the very nature of his relationship to the builder, be impartial. This is often merely a dog and pony show intended to both manage the buyer’s expectations and even (hopefully, from the builder’s point of view) deflect any real independent inspections of the property.


This practice is controversial enough in areas with formal building inspection departments. In those rural and extraterritorial areas where no direct oversight is available by a governmental official and third-party oversight is required by law, it can be a real problem. It is certainly a questionably-ethical trade practice that has the potential to be deceptive.


When unqualified or under-qualified inspectors are tasked with ascertaining building code requirement compliance, structural and safety issues can be and often are overlooked. This results in substandard buildings that are unsafe. Even when inspectors are competent, subtle or overt pressure from their clients – the builders – can lead to issues not reported.


Because you are in a position to possibly be misled, whether purposely or inadvertently, you are strongly urged to consult with an attorney who specializes in residential construction law regarding this controversial practice and to have him or her advise you as to how to proceed in your dealings with your builder.