The Best – Anil B.

Aaron Miller is an excellent person to work with regarding independent home inspections. A word of caution here: Aaron is not for everybody. Most new home buyers go into new home purchase transactions with rose colored glasses on and only want to be told what they want to hear. In other words, emotion dominates practicality. Aaron will not do that for you. Instead, he will give you a completely objective head to toe assessment of all the defects in the home you’re about to purchase so you can make a clear and informed decision on your next steps. His reports are very comprehensive (over 100 pages long) with facts and figures, pictures and details of which codes are out of compliance and the persons to call so the builder can verify his findings. This holds the builder accountable for everything they do. He even taught our builder a few things they never knew.

We used Aaron twice before closing on our new home purchase. The first time to find the defects in the home we were about to purchase, the second time to validate that the builder fixed all the defects found in the first report. It was a significant investment in money but it was well worth it for the biggest purchase we were going to make in our lives. The builder addressed most of the defects prior to closing and there is a plan in place to fix the outstanding ones post close.

I chose Aaron because he was a former custom home builder himself. This qualifies him over anyone else in my opinion to be inspecting my home. He is the best in the business.