The Most Common Residential Building Code Violations

Feb 7, 16 • News

Here is a recent article from the Journal of Light Construction based upon a 2013 joint study by the International Code Council and the National Association of Homebuilders titled, Common Code Violations Survey.

Top Ten Code Violations

This is a national survey and reflects a lot of what I see on a day to day basis. I would like to add a few issues that were not mentioned, perhaps due to their being a localized problem in the North Central Texas area.

  1. Lot Grading and Drainage. This is found on nearly every house I inspect. In the expansive soils we have in this area inadequate drainage leads to differential foundation movement and structural damage.
  2. Window Installation. On 9 out of every 10 houses I inspect the windows are not installed in accordance with the code, manufacturers’ installation instructions or other applicable industry standards.
  3. Electrical Installations. About 60% of the homes I see have multiple electrical installation code violations.
  4. Framing. Flagrant wall and roof framing code violations are common.
  5. Foundations. Foundation formwork and reinforcement violations are on every house.