Grant S., Frisco, TX

My wife and I were in need of a home inspection. Being first time home buyers, we were a little uncertain on what makes a ‘good’ home inspector. I made several calls to other companies, but ultimately decided to go with Aaron based on reviews online detailing how in-depth this inspection reports were. Aaron was very accommodating and was able to schedule an appointment just 48 hours in advance. My wife and I arrived on the property about an hour and a half after Aaron arrived. He greeted us and advised he would be finished shortly. After completing the inspection, Aaron sat down with us to give us an overview of the condition of the home. After speaking with him for only 5 minutes, I could tell he knew his stuff! He then advised us that we would have a soft copy of the inspection report within the next 3 hours – and as promised, 3 hours later we received the 102-page report! Yes, 102 pages! Why so many pages? Because Aaron covers everything from A-Z. There’s no ‘fluff’ in the report, just any and every detail you would need to know about the home in question. My wife and I couldn’t believe how lengthy the report was. Many photos were included of all problems in need of repair/replacement. As well, Aaron includes a homeowner maintenance schedule towards the end of the report – this will be very helpful for my wife and I, thank you! Chose this company of you want a very detailed home inspection report from someone who has been in the industry for a long time!