Naomi M., Cedar Hill, TX

We were a day behind in our inspection period because the bank did not notify us until a day later. We called Aaron, left a detailed voice message asking for availability and pricing to which he responded 15 minutes later. We were pleasantly surprised when he had an opening the next day. We were sent an agreement via email shortly after.

The next day, he had an earlier inspection cancel and was at the house earlier than expected. When we arrived, Aaron was in the house, in the zone. We followed along, let him do his thing and asked questions along the way.

Aaron is very experienced, knowledgeable, professional and no-nonsense. Refreshing!Ā His process is very streamlined. Excellent!

We received our inspection sooner than we expected. It was very detailed and very clear on many things which gave us confidence in saying NO to this home purchase. We will call Aaron again to inspect the next home we want to purchase.