James G.

I originally scheduled Aaron to come out to inspect my home on August 18th for a projected August 22nd close. However since the builder fell behind schedule, I requested for Aaron to reschedule to the following week, August 25th. He was very flexible with his time and I am appreciative of that.


At no fault of his own, the builder was STILL behind schedule, I didn’t have power by the morning of the 25th. Aaron arrived 30 minutes before his scheduled time and even sent me a quick email notifying me of the power issue. He gave me the option to continue to inspection or reschedule again for another time. Unfortunately, I was due to close by the 29th so scheduling Aaron without any advanced notice probably wouldn’t work. So I did ask him to stay and do what he could.


Aaron was meticulous in his findings and despite not being able to test electrical components and air conditioning in full, he found several things that the builder had overlooked or simply constructed poorly. Once he was completed, he walked me through many areas in and around the house that I should alert the builder to. He also offered to answer any questions once I had power turned on, etc.

In all, the best compliment I can offer Aaron is that when I shared a copy of his inspection report with the building project manager, he responded, “Your inspector reported that your entry steps were not built evenly and may cause a tripping accident. It should be corrected.”


I told the project manager, “it’s good that you should know that I would find the most anile inspector I could find to turn over every rock, just as if it was me doing the inspection – FIX IT!”.


Ironically, the power was turned on later that day, but that’s a whole other story.

I highly recommend Aaron if you want straightforward and honest reports on your inspection needs. He may not be the most budget-friendly option that you can find, but when it comes to ensuring your investment is in the best shape possible, it’s worth the cost.