Linda Campos, Attorney, Prosper, TX

I wish to share this as a testimonial for other buyers out there:
Do not buy a new construction home (or any home for that matter) without hiring a qualified home inspector! You are asking for trouble if you do!  We strongly recommend Aaron Miller as your home inspector.  He is definitely one of kind.  Aaron is dedicated, extremely knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge.  If it weren’t for Aaron’s expertise, advice, and thorough Inspection Report, we would not have been able to get the builder to follow through on its obligations.  Aaron equipped us with the tools we needed to clearly articulate our demands and our position to the builder, CBO and others, and not allow the builder to push us around, mislead us and get away with not fulfilling its end of the deal.
The builder will try to get away with anything it can and the only way to stop it is to hire the most qualified home inspector in DFW area – Aaron Miller!