Chris W., Fairview, TX

Aaron inspected two homes that were being built for us. He normally does three (3) inspections during the course of building a home. First, the pre-pour of the foundation inspection. Second, pre-drywall inspection. And, third, post-drywall inspection just before closing. He issued detailed reports to us after each inspection. We shared these with the builders.

In the first house, he issued a report that showed that the builder was about to set the foundation in a bad manner, and this would have meant foundation and structural problems. We bailed on that house, and were very thankful for his report about this builder’s many mistakes. The second builder agreed to a contractual provision that the builder had to successfully pass up to 4 evaluations by an independent inspector. He gave us a report with each inspection, and these were used to push the builder in the right direction. We asked him for an additional inspection involving the slope of the property at the front of the house and the placement of weep holes. He was on this job quite rapidly, although it was an unscheduled one. He saved us a bunch of money and a lot of aggravation. He is well worth the cost of his services, and by using him, while he does cost, he saves you far more in the future. I personally like him, and we developed a solid relationship during our journey, as seniors, into today’s world of home building. I have nothing but the highest respect for him, and he is highly recommended.