The Last Word in Home Inspections – Jason W.

The last word in home inspections.

The bad news is…everything in the blog on Texas Inspector’s website is true. You might initially assume, as I did, that he’s exaggerating. He’s not. It’s all quite terrifyingly true.
These builders in Texas only care about profit, which has nothing to do with building a good house. They use the cheapest materials and tradespeople available. Their Superintendents don’t catch or correct the shoddy craftsmanship, either, because they don’t actually know any better. You’d be astonished how many codes I showed the Superintendent assigned to my house. They dissemble and insist you’re not looking at “the right” codes. I showed him the list of codes adopted by our municipality…and he proceeded to tell me they’ve “been doing it this way for decades.”
Yeah, doing it WRONG for decades.
And the municipalities tend to just rubber-stamp everything, so you really need to have it looked over who knows what they’re doing — someone defending YOUR interests.

This is where Texas Inspector comes in. Aaron has more experience and expertise than anyone else in the business. 48 years, folks. 48 years. AND he built homes, too.
In total, he performed three inspections of my new build. These inspection reports were 72-104 pages in length, and he turned them around same-day — without fail. Now, Aaron is responsive and flexible, but he’s METICULOUS. He KNOWS the International Residential Code (and all the specialty codes cited within it) inside and out. He can walk around the house with you and quote specific sections while helping you understand the deficiencies and their real-world implications for your home.

I worked with two other home inspectors on previous home purchases. They were cheaper than Texas Inspector. Their reports were also worth far less. Texas Inspector is the best in the business.

This is the best money I’ve ever spent, and it’s not even close.