Jeffrey W, Rockwall, TX

This is the second time I have used Aaron Miller in the past 60 days as my wife and I look for a home. And, if we cannot negotiate a fair price on this one, we will option out and continue our search. And if we should have to go that way, we will AGAIN use Aaron. Aaron has an encyclopedic knowledge of construction. You ever meet someone and within 90 seconds of talking to them about their profession you KNOW the person knows what he/she is talking about? That’s the sense one gets when speaking to Aaron. He KNOWS home inspections. Has decades of experience and the educational training to support it. And it shows. I highly recommend him. Period. He was punctual, works efficiently and doesn’t waste any time onsite. His reports are exhaustive and delivered promptly. A+ all the way around. If you want to have confidence in the home inspection…go with Aaron.