Dhruv M.

This is your favorite ex-client ;). All our plumbing is now replaced with new PVC. The plumber was going to lay down new poly of 5mm in the crawl space as a vapor barrier which I thought would be inadequate. Is there a certain material or a certain thickness of poly that you would recommend?

Also, I am following up on your recommendation of completely encapsulating the crawl space. Is there someone you would recommend for that job?

I’m sorry I have asked too many questions since the inspection. I want to get this right, and not just do a “passable” patch up. Your advice has been invaluable and I appreciate it. If you ever feel I am asking for too much information, please do let me know and I will stop.

Thanks again. I feel that we hit the gold-mine finding you on Angie’s List- every issue that you raised has proven correct and we are meticulously going through them one by one. One day we’d love you have you come back and look at it when we’re done.