The Last Word in Home Inspections – Jason W.

The last word in home inspections.

The bad news is…everything in the blog on Texas Inspector’s website is true. You might initially assume, as I did, that he’s exaggerating. He’s not. It’s all quite terrifyingly true.
These builders in Texas only care about profit, which has nothing to do with building a good house. They use the cheapest materials and tradespeople available. Their Superintendents don’t catch or correct the shoddy craftsmanship, either, because they don’t actually know any better. You’d be astonished how many codes I showed the Superintendent assigned to my house. They dissemble and insist you’re not looking at “the right” codes. I showed him the list of codes adopted by our municipality…and he proceeded to tell me they’ve “been doing it this way for decades.”
Yeah, doing it WRONG for decades.
And the municipalities tend to just rubber-stamp everything, so you really need to have it looked over who knows what they’re doing — someone defending YOUR interests.

This is where Texas Inspector comes in. Aaron has more experience and expertise than anyone else in the business. 48 years, folks. 48 years. AND he built homes, too.
In total, he performed three inspections of my new build. These inspection reports were 72-104 pages in length, and he turned them around same-day — without fail. Now, Aaron is responsive and flexible, but he’s METICULOUS. He KNOWS the International Residential Code (and all the specialty codes cited within it) inside and out. He can walk around the house with you and quote specific sections while helping you understand the deficiencies and their real-world implications for your home.

I worked with two other home inspectors on previous home purchases. They were cheaper than Texas Inspector. Their reports were also worth far less. Texas Inspector is the best in the business.

This is the best money I’ve ever spent, and it’s not even close.

The Best – Anil B.

Aaron Miller is an excellent person to work with regarding independent home inspections. A word of caution here: Aaron is not for everybody. Most new home buyers go into new home purchase transactions with rose colored glasses on and only want to be told what they want to hear. In other words, emotion dominates practicality. Aaron will not do that for you. Instead, he will give you a completely objective head to toe assessment of all the defects in the home you’re about to purchase so you can make a clear and informed decision on your next steps. His reports are very comprehensive (over 100 pages long) with facts and figures, pictures and details of which codes are out of compliance and the persons to call so the builder can verify his findings. This holds the builder accountable for everything they do. He even taught our builder a few things they never knew.

We used Aaron twice before closing on our new home purchase. The first time to find the defects in the home we were about to purchase, the second time to validate that the builder fixed all the defects found in the first report. It was a significant investment in money but it was well worth it for the biggest purchase we were going to make in our lives. The builder addressed most of the defects prior to closing and there is a plan in place to fix the outstanding ones post close.

I chose Aaron because he was a former custom home builder himself. This qualifies him over anyone else in my opinion to be inspecting my home. He is the best in the business.

Dhruv M.

You inspected our house in 2013, and I have never met a professional as amazing as you. Thank you for your insights.

Patrick H. – Abilene, TX

This is Patrick H. I am the guy from Abilene whose house you inspected last August 2019. Because of you and all of your help, my house is now in great shape. Your recommendation of attorney Brian Erikson was outstanding as well. Of note, the Abilene building official appears to be “tightening things up” a little bit around here thanks to you. The enclosed money order is just a small token of my immense gratitude for all of your help. You are the absolute BEST!


Linda Campos, Attorney, Prosper, TX

I wish to share this as a testimonial for other buyers out there:
Do not buy a new construction home (or any home for that matter) without hiring a qualified home inspector! You are asking for trouble if you do!  We strongly recommend Aaron Miller as your home inspector.  He is definitely one of kind.  Aaron is dedicated, extremely knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge.  If it weren’t for Aaron’s expertise, advice, and thorough Inspection Report, we would not have been able to get the builder to follow through on its obligations.  Aaron equipped us with the tools we needed to clearly articulate our demands and our position to the builder, CBO and others, and not allow the builder to push us around, mislead us and get away with not fulfilling its end of the deal.
The builder will try to get away with anything it can and the only way to stop it is to hire the most qualified home inspector in DFW area – Aaron Miller!

Jessica L.

I cannot thank you enough for the thorough inspection you did on our home before our one year warranty was up. You brought to light the many issues/cut corners that the builder thought they could get away with. You have also been great at answering any questions that have surfaced since our inspection – and for that I am forever grateful. It is rare to find someone who is good at what they do but also cares A LOT about the work they produce, however with you we have found both! I will be referring you to ANYONE and everyone that owns a home.

Thank you again for your help!

Melissa, TX

James G.

I originally scheduled Aaron to come out to inspect my home on August 18th for a projected August 22nd close. However since the builder fell behind schedule, I requested for Aaron to reschedule to the following week, August 25th. He was very flexible with his time and I am appreciative of that.


At no fault of his own, the builder was STILL behind schedule, I didn’t have power by the morning of the 25th. Aaron arrived 30 minutes before his scheduled time and even sent me a quick email notifying me of the power issue. He gave me the option to continue to inspection or reschedule again for another time. Unfortunately, I was due to close by the 29th so scheduling Aaron without any advanced notice probably wouldn’t work. So I did ask him to stay and do what he could.


Aaron was meticulous in his findings and despite not being able to test electrical components and air conditioning in full, he found several things that the builder had overlooked or simply constructed poorly. Once he was completed, he walked me through many areas in and around the house that I should alert the builder to. He also offered to answer any questions once I had power turned on, etc.

In all, the best compliment I can offer Aaron is that when I shared a copy of his inspection report with the building project manager, he responded, “Your inspector reported that your entry steps were not built evenly and may cause a tripping accident. It should be corrected.”


I told the project manager, “it’s good that you should know that I would find the most anile inspector I could find to turn over every rock, just as if it was me doing the inspection – FIX IT!”.


Ironically, the power was turned on later that day, but that’s a whole other story.

I highly recommend Aaron if you want straightforward and honest reports on your inspection needs. He may not be the most budget-friendly option that you can find, but when it comes to ensuring your investment is in the best shape possible, it’s worth the cost.

Liz F.

Highly professional. VERY complete and VERY detailed 80 page home inspection report. Aaron is a wealth of knowledge about home building and building codes. He knows what he is doing, and has done his homework, and his reporting is invaluable. Thank you Aaron.

Diana J.

Aaron arrived on time and got to work immediately. He was happy to answer all of our questions and address any concerns we had. We received our report within 2 hours of completion. It was very thorough and included pictures and building code references for what he had found.

Stacie M.

Aaron was great. He was so thorough with his inspection and it was critical in negotiating the repairs with the seller. He was punctual and finished earlier than expected. Very professional! Will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Vimal N.

Thank you for going above and beyond!
Your passion shows in your approach and am glad that I chose to work with you.
I understand your and the building officials’ position. I think I have enough to take this forward on my own.
Thank you again for all your help!
Vimal Navis

Brijesh P., Frisco, TX

Mr. Miller performed a very thorough inspection of my home in a courteous, professional and timely manner.  The best thing that I can say about him is that I wish I had known about him and hired him to do the inspection prior to my purchase of the house.  Before I bought the house, I used an inspector that my Realtor recommended.  Mr. Miller identified discrepancies that the previous inspector should have found but did not.   I can tell from his report that he is a homeowner’s advocate and subscribes to even higher standards than my reputable builder.  He is clearly an expert in the field and you will benefit from his knowledge.  I highly recommend his services.

Richard F.

Did a great job doing a home inspection.  I met him before he completed the inspection.  He walked me through everything and made sure I was made aware of all important issues.  He even pulled out a zip level to see how much the slab might have moved or was offset.  He recommended we get a structural engineer to look at the house prior to our purchase.  We followed his recommendation and we were able to sleep well at night after having 2 confirmation that we didn’t need foundation repair.  The inspector also explained what we needed to do in order to prevent foundation damage.
He provided all of the documentation on the same day as the inspection.  He did a thorough inspection and we were told by other buyers/sellers that their inspectors were never so thorough.

Norman P.

Hi Aaron,
 Your crystal ball was correct!  You probably don’t remember the house but you predicted the water heater would give out and ruin the kitchen floor.  That is exactly what happened. 
Lucky for us, it happened before we closed on the house.  Once again thanks for a great report!

Dhruv M.

This is your favorite ex-client ;). All our plumbing is now replaced with new PVC. The plumber was going to lay down new poly of 5mm in the crawl space as a vapor barrier which I thought would be inadequate. Is there a certain material or a certain thickness of poly that you would recommend?

Also, I am following up on your recommendation of completely encapsulating the crawl space. Is there someone you would recommend for that job?

I’m sorry I have asked too many questions since the inspection. I want to get this right, and not just do a “passable” patch up. Your advice has been invaluable and I appreciate it. If you ever feel I am asking for too much information, please do let me know and I will stop.

Thanks again. I feel that we hit the gold-mine finding you on Angie’s List- every issue that you raised has proven correct and we are meticulously going through them one by one. One day we’d love you have you come back and look at it when we’re done.

Hudson J., Dallas, TX

Aaron is what you are looking for in a home inspector – a guy that has been around for a long time and been in the construction industry from many angles. He is heads above any guy that just goes to inspection school and gets a license. He is on time, thorough, and to the point. He will find problems with the house that other inspectors do not, a fact that he also guarantees. At a minimum, these additional issues will give you additional bargaining power with the seller. With respect to my inspections, Aaron made himself available during and after the inspection for a host of questions from me, a first time buyer. Aaron is not cheap, but he is entitled to his fee based upon his credentials and experience. The quality of his service and expertise over others justifies the cost.

Janice S., Dallas, TX


Thank you for the very thorough inspection and prompt written report received the same day. Other professionals (electrician, foundation company) commented on thoroughness of your report. A bit pricey, but worth it.

Kenneth D., Keller, TX

Aaron arrived promptly, actually a little early to begin the inspection. He found about 40 items that were either incorrectly installed or were in need of repair. After completing the inspection, he reviewed with us the items that he found. Within a few hours, he provided a complete, and very detailed report with pictures, and descriptions of the proper way to install household items. We spent $450 and saved about $12,000 on repairs that we negotiated for the seller to make.

Melisa P., Dallas, TX

Aaron is the best!!! He was prompt and thorough and he is a very knowledgeable inspector. He found many defects to our home and willingly recommended contractors that could make the needed repairs. You can’t go wrong with Aaron.

Arthur H., Frisco, TX

Aaron performed home inspection for planned purchase. The best, most complete inspection I have ever had (this was the 5th time I’ve had one) and the price was $15 less than quoted.

Cindy S., Dallas, TX

Aaron was extremely thorough, discussed with me the high points of recommended/necessary repairs for almost 40 minutes, and submitted a very detailed 75 page report with lots of pictures of the items needing to be addressed. Aaron comes across as a crusty old codger, but the man knows his stuff. He can give you the building codes from the 1950s through today. When you are putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into an investment, it’s best not to cut corners on this step. I appreciated the level of detail in his report and am going into this purchase with my eyes wide open. My current home that I am selling was inspected by another company that didn’t provide anything near the same level of detail that I got from Aaron’s report, so I am very satisfied with what I got for my money.

David W., Highland Park, TX

Mr. Miller was very flexible, met all of my concerns and needs and did an excellent job of finding all the things my eyes missed when looking at the home. I needed his help and he worked with me during some unusual contracting/payment details, and was a real pro in dealing with the seller and always had my best interests in mind. I would use his services again anytime!

Sydney M., Dallas, TX

Aaron did an outstanding job. He has a thorough knowledge of building code requirements and industry standards. He caught big and small problems. He provided the experienced eyes and ears for a project as to which we had no background. Thanks to him, we avoided building a home that would be woefully inadequate. He is also a pleasure to deal with. He returns calls promptly and makes himself available to help as needed. A good advocate for the consumer.

Robin R., Frisco, TX

Aaron was fantastic. When my husband arrived at the house for the inspection start time, Aaron was already there and had been working for 30 minutes. He was incredibly thorough (our real estate agent commented that he had never seen such a thorough and detailed home inspector in his 20+ years), and we received a detailed report complete with pictures and all of his findings later that day. We will definitely use Aaron again!

Adam H., Dallas, TX

Aaron was available to perform the inspection on short notice. Got there early in the morning, went about his business, I met him about 2 hours later to review/discuss his thoughts, and he provided a written report later that afternoon. He appears to be fiercely independent in an industry that can be known for bias and cronyism… an attribute that I believe is very important in a home inspector (don’t just take your agent’s recommendation). Things I liked: – Independence – reputation as a “deal-killer” (meaning he’s unbiased, forthright about what he sees, rather than dancing around it to make sure the deal moves forward) – Lots of good information in report – Knowledgeable – Quick turnaround time. Excellent!

Jeffrey W, Rockwall, TX

This is the second time I have used Aaron Miller in the past 60 days as my wife and I look for a home. And, if we cannot negotiate a fair price on this one, we will option out and continue our search. And if we should have to go that way, we will AGAIN use Aaron. Aaron has an encyclopedic knowledge of construction. You ever meet someone and within 90 seconds of talking to them about their profession you KNOW the person knows what he/she is talking about? That’s the sense one gets when speaking to Aaron. He KNOWS home inspections. Has decades of experience and the educational training to support it. And it shows. I highly recommend him. Period. He was punctual, works efficiently and doesn’t waste any time onsite. His reports are exhaustive and delivered promptly. A+ all the way around. If you want to have confidence in the home inspection…go with Aaron.

Luke M., Mesquite, TX

Aaron was very helpful and offered valuable information regarding our roof. We were victims of a hail storm, I was interested in Aaron coming out to inspect the damage. He was very honest with me, giving me all the steps and information I needed to make an informed decision. I appreciated that he was willing to say, don’t spend your money on me, let a roofing contractor and the insurance company do the inspection for free! Thank you for your time and honest answer Aaron!

Stacey N., McKinney, TX

Aaron was exceptionally punctual, thorough, and professional. His knowledge of not only Texas Building Codes, but also, his attention to detail, is fantastic. His verbal report was all-inclusive, and his written report, supplied THE SAME DAY was exhaustive, clear, and went way above and beyond the reports of ANY other inspector we have ever used. I would both use and recommend the services of Aaron’s Home Inspections without any hesitation! Additionally, Aaron’s sense of humor, while having no bearing on the seriousness or quality of his excellent report, was a welcome break from a potentially stressful process. Great job!!!

Joe G., Heath, TX

Overall Aaron is very thorough he really knows his building codes. He is extremely knowledgeable and showed up right on time. We had some issues with the former homeowner leaving so he could start the inspection and Aaron was very flexible about it. Once Aaron got started he just kept going around the house and we didn’t hear much from him. The report that we got from Aaron was extremely detailed. Not only did he provide the deficiency issue but then provide the exact code it referenced. Using Aaron you will know every issue that you might have in your house.


Chele R., McKinney, TX

We contacted Aaron after reading his Angie’s List reviews, his web site, and ASHI’s web site. Aaron promptly returned our call to let us know he was on vacation in New Mexico and when he would return, which was perfect timing for our home buying/inspection needs. As soon as we had a contract on a house we contacted Aaron to setup an appointment. He was already working away on the roof when we arrived a few minutes before our appointed time. He pulled us outside to show us the deck/balcony and explained that it was unsafe, why, and that it would have to be torn down. He completed his inspection and highlighted the “main” issues that required attention, answered our realtor’s questions (our realtor showed up towards the end of the inspection), answered our questions and said he would have a report to us and our realtor by the end of the day. He also stated that if we had any additional questions or questions regarding the report, he would be more than happy to schedule a time to talk with us. 

Aaron’s reports are not your typical report. They are long and detailed and filled with a lot of legal/CYA language and links and instructions on how to “make it right.” His reports are like maps directing you on how to make it safe/right: x should be like y and you should contact xxxx professional (e.g., Master electrician, plumber, etc.) to perform the necessary repairs/updates (if you have an older home expect a lot of code updates). He includes the codes, photos of what is wrong, diagrams and photos of how it should be, etc. His explanations, details, links, etc. are very helpful. 

That evening we had the report, all 99 pages of it. 40+ pages at the end were on how to care for and maintain your home. Again, informative and helpful.

We were able to use his report to negotiate a replacement deck/balcony with the sellers. Additionally, Aaron pointed out that the transferrable lifetime foundation warranty is void if not transferred into the new owner’s name within 30 days of closing. Through Aaron’s report the sellers discovered that the foundation warranty was now void since it was in the previous owner’s name (they thought it stayed with the house); thus, they hired the foundation company to come out and re-inspect and if the inspection passed then the foundation company was willing to transfer the warranty to us. That’s the difference between Aaron’s observations and home inspection reports and the home inspector they used when purchasing the property.

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to take the chance with someone else.

Stephanie C., Addison, TX

This guy knows what he’s doing. . . builder and real estate agent said he’s the most detailed they have ever seen! I would use him again! Tells it like it is . . .

Nick C., Dallas, TX

Aaron covered everything from roof to foundation. On the same afternoon as the inspection he sent a 90 page report, with Youtube videos, pictures and codes. My real estate agent was floored. Unbelievable value for my money!

Chris W., Fairview, TX

Aaron inspected two homes that were being built for us. He normally does three (3) inspections during the course of building a home. First, the pre-pour of the foundation inspection. Second, pre-drywall inspection. And, third, post-drywall inspection just before closing. He issued detailed reports to us after each inspection. We shared these with the builders.

In the first house, he issued a report that showed that the builder was about to set the foundation in a bad manner, and this would have meant foundation and structural problems. We bailed on that house, and were very thankful for his report about this builder’s many mistakes. The second builder agreed to a contractual provision that the builder had to successfully pass up to 4 evaluations by an independent inspector. He gave us a report with each inspection, and these were used to push the builder in the right direction. We asked him for an additional inspection involving the slope of the property at the front of the house and the placement of weep holes. He was on this job quite rapidly, although it was an unscheduled one. He saved us a bunch of money and a lot of aggravation. He is well worth the cost of his services, and by using him, while he does cost, he saves you far more in the future. I personally like him, and we developed a solid relationship during our journey, as seniors, into today’s world of home building. I have nothing but the highest respect for him, and he is highly recommended.

Jason C., Garland, TX

I called Aaron on a Tuesday and he set an appointment to do an inspection the following Monday. He was prompt and professional. He had the report to us just 3 hours after completing the inspection. It was extremely thorough and included photos, which were extremely helpful. He always responded quickly to emails and phone calls. He also immediately answered some follow up questions I had about the report. He was awesome.

Barbara D., Southlake, TX


The service was outstanding. The report we received was meticulously prepared. Every question we had was answered thoroughly. Thank you so much!

Jenny G., University Park, TX

I emailed Aaron to schedule an inspection and he responded with an available date very quickly. Gave him the details on the house and he quoted a price which was very fair. He also arranged for a separate pool inspector to be there which was so helpful since we wanted a separate pool inspection anyway. On the day of the inspection, the sellers realtor told us not to arrive until after 11:00 but Aaron was finishing up when I got there so he was kind enough to wait until my husband arrived which wasn’t for another 30 minutes. In the mean time, Aaron showed me a few things that were on the report – some that were urgent matters and others that weren’t. When my husband arrived, Aaron went over a few things with him as well which was nice. The report was sent to us that afternoon which is VERY detailed and organized nicely. The concerns were obvious and the information very helpful.

Grant S., Frisco, TX

My wife and I were in need of a home inspection. Being first time home buyers, we were a little uncertain on what makes a ‘good’ home inspector. I made several calls to other companies, but ultimately decided to go with Aaron based on reviews online detailing how in-depth this inspection reports were. Aaron was very accommodating and was able to schedule an appointment just 48 hours in advance. My wife and I arrived on the property about an hour and a half after Aaron arrived. He greeted us and advised he would be finished shortly. After completing the inspection, Aaron sat down with us to give us an overview of the condition of the home. After speaking with him for only 5 minutes, I could tell he knew his stuff! He then advised us that we would have a soft copy of the inspection report within the next 3 hours – and as promised, 3 hours later we received the 102-page report! Yes, 102 pages! Why so many pages? Because Aaron covers everything from A-Z. There’s no ‘fluff’ in the report, just any and every detail you would need to know about the home in question. My wife and I couldn’t believe how lengthy the report was. Many photos were included of all problems in need of repair/replacement. As well, Aaron includes a homeowner maintenance schedule towards the end of the report – this will be very helpful for my wife and I, thank you! Chose this company of you want a very detailed home inspection report from someone who has been in the industry for a long time!

Paul L., Sachse, TX

My family and I are new to the area and are in the process of purchasing a home. We did not know anyone familiar enough with home inspectors to give us a recommendation, so I was stuck looking online for the best information. Many of the home inspectors I researched lacked any significant certifications to qualify them for the work I was looking for. That was one of the things that stuck out with Aaron Miller. His website was very informative in giving some guidance regarding what to look for and what to beware of. I called on a Wednesday and he was able to work me in for that Friday. In addition, his services included work that other inspectors were charging additional for as add-on’s. He was prompt and professional and performed all of the work as promised. When he was finished he sat down with me and covered all of the issues that were of major concern and, where possible, showed me just what he what and where the problems were. In addition, he offered proposed solutions and gave advice on solutions to avoid. For instance, there was an issue with a few of the windows and he warned that window companies would try to sell me new windows when the existing windows could be repaired at a much lower cost. When he was through he addressed all of my concerns and then had a complete, thorough, written report to me within about three hours. The report didn’t simply address his observations, but addressed issues that were real or potential code issues as well as safety issues and then offered proposed solutions. He also made it clear that he was available for any follow-up questions or concerns. Since the inspection he has also sent an informative email e-newsletter with useful homeowner tips. I feel very confident about the services he performed.

Karen R., Dallas, TX

Aaron provided a thorough 98 page inspection of the property we are thinking about buying. He examined everything!! He got on the roof, into the attic, and under the sinks. He checked each window, door, and faucet. He noted every defect, no matter how small, to ensure we knew exactly what we were getting into. I found him to be very plain spoken, explaining everything in layman’s terms that I could understand. He answered all our questions and insisted we call him if any other questions arose. He even let me know I had overpaid him by a few dollars and sent that money back to me. I really appreciate that kind of honesty and integrity. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of an inspection and would certainly use him again.

Amy P., Dallas, TX

I am a first-time homebuyer and do not have a wealth of knowledge about home construction. I believed that finding a great home inspector to be my advocate was a priority in the sometimes confusing home purchasing process. Aaron did an amazingly detailed job looking into every nook and cranny of my potential new home. The report gave me descriptions of each problem he found and often images to back up the details. This was so helpful to me. It allowed me to prioritize the changes I wanted to request of the Seller and also gave me the visual evidence I needed to backup the requests. Due to issues with the home, Aaron was required to come back to the house on multiple occasions and he was very prompt about returning my emails and setting the time and day. Timing is so important in the early stages of the bidding / contract process. I would definitely use Aaron again.


Naomi M., Cedar Hill, TX

We were a day behind in our inspection period because the bank did not notify us until a day later. We called Aaron, left a detailed voice message asking for availability and pricing to which he responded 15 minutes later. We were pleasantly surprised when he had an opening the next day. We were sent an agreement via email shortly after.

The next day, he had an earlier inspection cancel and was at the house earlier than expected. When we arrived, Aaron was in the house, in the zone. We followed along, let him do his thing and asked questions along the way.

Aaron is very experienced, knowledgeable, professional and no-nonsense. Refreshing! His process is very streamlined. Excellent!

We received our inspection sooner than we expected. It was very detailed and very clear on many things which gave us confidence in saying NO to this home purchase. We will call Aaron again to inspect the next home we want to purchase.

Fred D., Frisco, TX

I purchased a new home and the closing was rushed by the builder to make an end of month date. I was concerned that corners were cut in order to meet their date. I chose Aaron’s based on the expansive and diverse list of certifications. They came out and inspected every aspect of the bones of the house. They found dozens of code violations. The builder responded that they met the codes and they would not be repairing the issues. I was afraid that I would not be able to fight the concerns because I did not understand the violations. Not more than 10 minutes later, Aaron’s Home inspection responded to my builder with the city codes listed. With this information, the builder started to repair the roof, insulation, HVAC and drainage. Since my previous home had flooding issues due to drainage, this was extremely reassuring to me. I feel like my house is safer and more energy efficient. I feel like I just saved thousands of dollars in repairs and utilities thanks to Aaron’s Home Inspections. I am also grateful for the follow through to “enlighten” my builder otherwise they would have ignored all the violations.

Jennifer N., McKinney, TX


My real estate agent asked me how I had found you and that you had the most thorough report she had ever seen. Thank you for the attention to detail. I plan on writing a review on Angie’s list in your favor.

Jennifer N., Dallas, TX

After having been burned on a previous home inspector recommended by our real estate agent, I decided to review Angie’s List and chose Aaron. I could not have been more happy. He was very thorough, so much more than the other inspector we had used. He took pictures and provided explanation. I felt like was really looking out for problems for us. Great experience and would use him again!

Rosemary M., Las Colinas, TX

Mr. Miller,

Thank you for everything. You are very thorough. I will be contacting my attorney when I get back into to country to address the many grave issues the seller obviously failed to disclose. I wish I had known about you prior to purchasing my home.

Diego A., Mesquite, TX


Your consultation report to evaluate the poor quality of work that had been done by a handyman on my house was just what I needed to win my small claims court case. It was a truly thorough report with quality pictures and explanations. Thanks!

Carrie B., Garland, TX


You performed a very thorough inspection and provided a very detailed report. You were also candid with me after the inspection, and I truly appreciated all of your comments and suggestions. I would HIGHLY recommend you for any and all inspection needs that others may have!

Chris B., Richardson, TX

I came to Dallas on a relocation. My real estate agent had never seen a report this detailed and complete. And he’s a nice guy. We walked around the property with the seller during the follow up to be exact on what still needed to be done. It was worth having him come back because the roofer took some short cuts I surely would have missed.  He also recommended other companies for work I needed and they were great.

Jenny F, Dallas, TX


You really did a great job. Furthermore, the excellent lawyer you referred me to helped me to win my lawsuit against the contractor who constructed the building. You saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you!

Sonja R., Royse City, TX

I have been in the Mortgage business for over 10 years. I have never seen such a detailed inspection report. I furnished a copy to my sellers and they were even impressed. Aaron was very professional and did the job right the 1st time…..I am very impressed and I will always recommend him to anyone. I like the fact he does not work on Real Estate Agent referrals. He is without a doubt #1 in his industry.

Mark P., Coppell, TX

Mr. Miller arrived before I did and went to work straight away. He was clearly “in the zone” so I did not interfere. I asked to borrow his measuring tape to take window and other measurements. He politely obliged. He was done about 1 1/2 later and explained the major issues with me in laymen’s terms. His report was completed less than two hours later. He demonstrated his vast knowledge and experience. He was frank and honest in his verbal and written comments. He clearly had my best interest in mind. I would definitely recommend using his services to anyone.